Introduction to Lead Generation

November 03, 2022

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by Bt Stew

Take advantage of this short introduction on lead generation.

The best internet marketers and businesses know that getting subscribers, also known as leads, is the most critical part of their business.

It can be the difference between success and failure, and it's truer in today's online business world than it has ever been.

So, what exactly is a lead? Why does it matter so much? And how do you go about converting visitors into leads?

Starting with an idea can sweep you away

A lead subscribes to your list and might become a customer. They are interested in what you have, and it takes a little effort on your part to then push them over the edge so that they will become buyers.

But wait a moment: if a lead is just someone who might one day become a buyer, how can a lead possibly be more important than a buyer?

And how does that affect business today? Isn't a subscriber today the same as it always has been?

Essentially, what makes a lead so important is that it's someone who might want to make purchases in the future. So a new subscriber has unlimited potential for you as far as your business is concerned.

A buyer is a type of lead, but only some buyers will be loyal subscribers in the future. So if you have subscribers on your list that turn into buyers, it suggests they are engaged with your brand and, thus, likely to revisit your website and buy more in the future.

Instead of thinking, 'how can I make quick sales?' the question should be, 'how can I increase my customer's lifetime value?

If you emphasize making more sales than lifetime customers, your site will have little use to your subscribers. It might generate some revenue for you, but it will also turn many people away from your site and your brand, never to return!

On the other hand, creating a lead means encouraging someone to enter their contact details and permitting you to contact them again in the future.

That is much easier to convince someone to do, meaning you don't need to use heavy-handed sales techniques that could push your visitor away.

Unhappy Customer

It creates a subtle shift in your approach to business. Suddenly, you're no longer trying to do everything that you possibly can to convince people to buy from you.

Instead, you're just trying to build a relationship with them and establish trust so they'll enter their details.

And then, once you have those details, you can be much more thoughtful about how you try to convert them to buyers. You can time your attempt better so that you are selling to them at a point when they're likely to want to buy, and you can build up their interest more and more in whatever products you have to offer.

So simply switching your focus from sales to lead acquisition will change the way you approach marketing and give you a much more value-oriented approach.

In turn, it will ensure that you build an entire list of loyal customers you can sell to again and again.

What's more, this will also change how you approach marketing your website. It means shifting from overt SEO and sales talk to better social media and content marketing.

It also means providing a plethora of value at every opportunity as this will all lead to happier customers and more revenue.

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